Gold Medal – The Design & Packaging Masters 2022.
Silver Design– World Gin Awards 2023.

AHASCRAGH DISTILLERY have been a clients since their first plans to convert an old mill in the Galway town of Ahascragh. With XIN GIN they allowed a great amount of freedom and trust with the design. We came up with the XIN/GIN wordmark almost immediately and the rest of the design followed. The fusion of Celtic and Asian cultures is central to the overall design. Xin means, amongst other things "heart" in Chinese, leading to the triskele heart hidden within the Celtic spirals. We went through many material variations including ceramic but settled on glass with a soft touch and metallic coating allowing for more sustainable package overall.

The bottle is an object that is designed to be reused or repurposed and is easily recognisable even after the distinctive labels are removed. We're glad to see this intent has carried over to the real world and I see the bottle being used for all sorts of things.

Every aspect of the design, including the volume of the bottle was chosen so XIN GIN sits comfortably on the shelf among other super premium gins.